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The freedom of focus.

The freedom of focus

Inspired by the highly restrained Bordeaux approach to winemaking, we chose to focus on perfecting just three outstanding wines. It was our philosophy from the beginning, and while the world has changed, our vision has not.

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Our Craft

In less, there is more. More layers. More complexity. More time, and attention, and care. More clarity. More consistency. More quality.

By capping our collection at three, abandoning all distraction, we have given ourselves the room to become masters of our craft. We are able to give every vine, every barrel, every tank, the care and attention it deserves. To study soil and altitude and row direction. To taste and test and tweak. To focus on the small things – the details that make a difference.

There is, after all, much complexity in achieving simplicity. Our range is simple, but our process is not. And our wines reflect this. They are as layered and multifaceted as our history. Each crafted from an array of different precisely sculpted building blocks, balanced together in perfect partnership. Much like our team. Much like our brand.

The power and beauty of our wine is not in the structure, but in the balance.

We respect both tradition and innovation. We draw on the time-honoured principles of France’s winemaking past, while fully embracing the technology and ongoing research of the present.

Our wines live in the space between the Old World and the New. They are of neither world, and of both, at the same time.

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Something special, something rare.

There is science to what we do. But we tend to think of the end result as art – a marriage of colour, contrasts, texture and composition that adds up to something greater than the sum of its parts. We are guided by technique, but driven by intuition. And we never forget that we owe much of what we achieve to nature.

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It is impossible to create wine without the wonders that nature provides. You cannot build on something that does not exist. You can only take the potential that is already there and guide it in the right direction.

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At the end of the day, our goal is to respect and preserve the purity of the fruit, to create wines that speak for themselves. Speak, but never shout. Our wines are like that admired friend you look forward to sharing dinner with. They enhance the moment, add to it, but never take over. They are consistent and trustworthy, but also sophisticated, alluring, enigmatic. You want to listen to what they have to say.

In being supple and seamless, our wines are welcome guests at all occasions – momentous celebrations with family, intimate Sunday lunches with friends, quiet weeknight meals with a loved one. There is a place for them at every table.

We are not only creating wine

We are creating an occasion, a moment, a memory.