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A whole world of wine in one.

A whole world of wine in one.

Over decades, the Rothschild family has sought out the finest terroir across the globe to establish a collection of premier estates making world-class wine. We are the exclusive home of these unique wines in South Africa.

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Our International Wines

Now all of those who share in the Rupert & Rothschild world can enjoy the fruits of other vines too.

Picture of a bottle of Rimapere


Hailing from one of the sunniest valleys in New Zealand, the Rimapere Sauvignon Blanc is as fresh, as crisp, as vibrant as the Wairau River that runs through its homeland. A fine reflection of Benjamin de Rothschild’s dream to create the best of the best of this versatile varietal.

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Picture of a bottle of Château Clarke

Château Clarke

Acquired by Baron Edmond de Rothschild over four decades ago, French estate Château Clarke has evolved from a small, unassuming vineyard into a masterpiece of Bordeaux winemaking. Today, it is the proud birthplace of a refined Merlot-driven blend – one of great acclaim and distinctive character.

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Picture of a bottle of Château des Laurets

Château des Laurets

With vineyards dating back to the 12th century, this prized Bordeaux-based winery is renowned for making bold, polished Merlot-based wines that continue to over-deliver today.

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Picture of a bottle of Macán


Seven years went into the careful cultivation and establishment of this outstanding vineyard in Spain’s Rioja wine region. A joint venture between Bodega Benjamin de Rothschild and Vega Sicilia, Macán crafts two triumphs of Spanish wine, made to honour the finest features of the native Tempranillo varietal.

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Picture of a bottle of Flechas de los Andes

Flechas de los Andes

Crouched at the base of the Andes mountains in Argentina, the vineyards of Flechas de los Andes give rise to a pure Argentine Malbec and expressive Malbec blend of superior quality. The name of the winery pays tribute to the Rothschild family crest, “flechas” meaning arrows in Spanish.

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Picture of a bottle of Champagne Barons de Rothschild

Champagne Barons de Rothschild

Grown in the heart of the Grands Blancs vineyards in France’s Champagne region, some of the world’s finest Chardonnay grapes make their way into the Barons de Rothschild Champagnes, all of which are considered premium rarities.

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