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The legend is true...

The legend is true...

1997 is the year Rupert & Rothschild arose — from a shared passion for wine, a shared pursuit of excellence. But our tale stretches much further back — centuries, even — to the birth of two families, aligned in their vision.

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On one side, The Rothschilds 

The Rothschild family’s winemaking history is rooted in France, where James de Rothschild purchased the premier Bordeaux estate Château Lafite in 1868. He began a love affair with the vine that was to be continued over 100 years later by his great-grandson, Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

Motivated by a dream to shape some of the finest wines the world over, Baron Edmond de Rothschild established several wineries in Europe, and later, in numerous far-flung corners of the globe – a treasured collection that together form Edmond de Rothschild Heritage.

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“The more I know wine, the more it loves me.” “The more I know wine the more it loves me. — Baron Edmond de Rothschild — Baron Edmond
de Rothschild
Photo of Baron Edmond de Rothschild

On the other side, The Ruperts

Picture of Dr. Anton Rupert

Driven by determination and an unwavering optimism, the late Dr Anton Rupert always had entrepreneurship in his blood. Aside from a flair for building businesses from nothing, he and his wife, Huberte, held a reverence for art, for people, for the natural world, and for the promise of South African wine.

He and his family have committed much energy, and many years, to cultivating Franschhoek estates that bottle excellence, pleasure and prestige for the world.

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Picture of a bottle of wine

Today, Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons is the perfect distillation of that old promise between partners.

Today, Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons is the perfect distillation of that old promise between partners.

These days, our Franschhoek estate continues to celebrate elegance and excellence, while moving to its own serene, steady rhythm. It is a place that honours time and space, stillness and sunlight. A place that welcomes the world, invites you in, to savour moments, unhurried, unscripted. To taste, see, feel, breathe the heritage of yesterday and the possibilities of tomorrow. To become part of our family. Part of our story. And make it your own.

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