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When passion meets partnership

Everything Rupert & Rothschild is today, and everything it will be tomorrow, is driven by a single shared wish, made years ago by a prestigious pair. A wish to create a legacy of perfection that they, and you, and many more, could build on and enjoy, for years to come. A legacy of partnership and craftsmanship that would welcome and delight, elevate and endure.

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“With the fruit of his work, he planted a vine”

A commitment to quality.

In uniting Rupert and Rothschild, we marry two legacies, two histories, two dreams. Balance the Old World and the New, yesterday and tomorrow, science and art, sophistication and simplicity, rarity and openness, class and consistency. All to create exceptional wines, distinctive wines. Wines of superior quality.

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We are constantly striving for perfection, open to settling only for excellence.

Our three wines talk to accomplishment and aspiration – to the luxury of focus and the luxury of time. They carry our family label, but when it comes to quality and character, they always, always, speak for themselves.