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The Crown of our Range.

Like many acclaimed Bordeaux wineries in France that release one pinnacle red wine, we created Baron Edmond as our flagship vintage – the crown of our range.

And we named him after one of our own founders, Baron Edmond de Rothschild, to serve as a tribute to his legacy.

Today, our prize blend captures all that he and Dr Rupert loved about wine in one bottle.

In honour of the Rothschild family’s French heritage, we specifically chose to give the Baron Edmond life as a classic Bordeaux blend – a style that is celebrated and revered the world over. And we have made sure that our winemaking approach respects the traditional production principles of this region, channeled to craft a truly extraordinary, truly distinguished South African wine.

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Determined, yet dignified, stately and sincere, Baron Edmond moves with meaning and intent, exuding passion, with an edge of polished daring and refined assertiveness.